Who is Davey?

UPDATE:  Davey moved into the KitCat house about 1 year ago and has become the most loving cat!  Perseverance has truly paid off with this special guy!


Davey is the mascot for Davey's KitCats.  He is the first feral that we met from this colony and is the one that one of our founders, Stefanie, fell in love with and caused her to want to help the whole colony.  Davey lived in the basement of Stefanie's parents' house for 2 weeks while he was neutered and recovered.  Stefanie attempted to tame him, before realizing that he is just not an indoor kitty.  He is much happier outside and Stefanie sees him every night at the feeding spot for the ferals of this colony.  After 2 years, Stefanie is now able to pet Davey!


As you can see from his picture to the right, Davey was not ear tipped when he was neutered. The vet "forgot" to ear tip him.  Davey's KitCats plans to re-trap Davey soon to either get him ear tipped or microchipped, since Davey has developed the bad habit of wandering into the nearby neighborhood.



You can contact Davey by emailing him at Davey@daveyskitcats.com! He would love to hear from his supporters!


You can now find Davey on facebook!

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